Web Control

Sensei Web Controls & Security

Web Controls is the web specific controls that you can apply to web browsing activities.

The difference between "Application Controls" and "Web Controls" is that Web Controls provide a more specific and focused policy management for HTTP (Web) based connections.

Application Controls, on the other hand, works for all protocols and connection types and a more generalized control mechanism.

For instance, if you want to block a specific web site or category which you know operate over HTTP protocol, you are advised to control access through Web Controls.

If you want to create access policy for Tor Browser which can operate in any TCP port, your best bet will be to do is via Application Controls.

The engine processes the request, queries to "SVN Cloud" in real-time and decides whether it will be blocked or allowed. We check against 140+ Million Websites, under 120+ categories in milliseconds.


Web Categories

Websites are categorized by their type and listed in a click-to-open tree-view for convenient access.

"Web Categorization DB" is maintained by Sunny Valley Networks. You can check how fast we're running via Status > Cloud Node Status

Sensei: Web Controls module
The Web Categories managed by SVN Cloud

User Defined Categories

Sensei's user-oriented approach puts you to the center of the control-universe. You can define your own web categories, add sites under them, and manage their status with just one click.

Adding a new user category

  • Click on the folder icon on the left side of the menu. It will pop-down the tree and bring out the existing user-defined categories if any.

  • Enter the name for the new category.

Adding a new user defined category

Adding a new site under the category

  • Just after new category created, a new modal dialog asks for the very first site.

  • Enter your target site URL and click on "Add Site" button.

Adding a new site
  • If you need, you can add as many as sites you want

You can add a new site after
  • When you're done with adding new sites to the category, close the dialog.

  • Click on the green check icon to the left to block your new added category.

  • Hit save to activate your new rules.

Editing a user defined category

  • When you mouse over your user-defined category, you'll get two new icons.

  • Edit pencil icon opens up the modal dialog to add new sites.

  • Delete cross icon deletes the whole category with all sites under it.

Blocking a Category

Sensei allows you to block individual categories by clicking on the green check icons located on the left side of each web category.

Activating the rules

When you're ok with the changes you made, click on the button lower right corner of the screen to save and activate the rules.