Application Control

Sensei's Application Control engine uses "App DB" to understand and classify the application a particular connection packets carry. The database contains dynamic signatures which hint the packet engine to be able to classify the connections more accurately.

"APP DB" is maintained by Sunny Valley Networks. You can update it through Status > App DB Update & Reload


Applications are categorized by their type and listed in a click-to-open tree-view for convenient access.

App Control settings

Dynamic Search

You can use dynamic search on top of the category list to filter out the items. We search as you type.

Dynamic search helps you to filter

Blocking an Application or a Category

Blocking an application

Sensei allows you to block individual applications by clicking on the green check icons located on the left side of each application.

Blocking an entire category

You can also block the entire category by clicking the green check icon located on the left side of the category name.

Activating the rules

When you're ok with the changes you made, click on the button lower right corner of the screen to save and activate the rules.

Testing the results

The rules go in the action immediately after you hit the save button. The request silently blackholed on the user's end.

Testing MSN before the Ads blocked

MSN homepage with ads

MSN Homepage after the Ads blocked by Sensei silently

MSN homepage without ads